Our Services

Developments in the construction and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) industry has made piping systems more complex involving labyrinthine systems conveying fluids between processes and points.

Technology has evolved to make piping stress free with faster installation while being eco-friendly. The complexities involved and choice of products have made optimal selection difficult for piping designers, but we are here to guide you through the process according to your needs.

Merit Fire and Power Piping System is involved in the low/medium pressure segment. It could be in mining, HVAC, firefighting/hydrant systems, water supply etc. We only associate ourselves with manufacturing companies of global standing whose products have all the necessary international certifications and approvals.

We try to develop a close partnership with designers and architects during a project's planning stage itself to ensure perfect selection of products, plan timely delivery schedules and execute services on a promised deadline. We have the capability to:

  • Analyze the layout and conflicts in drawings
  • Take bill of quantity
  • Propose improvements
  • Supply pipe processing machineries for better productivity
  • Provide necessary training to the team working on the field on use of pipe processing machineries and proper installation techniques
  • Only products with international recognition and acceptance are considered and hence the life of the system and performance is assured.